12 Awesome jQuery Pagination Plugins

Coding inspiration of 12 awesome jQuery Pagination plugins for free download. Pagination plugins can change the way your website contents are laid considerably.

Pagination is an important part of websites having large contents, be it a blog or a website teaching huge amounts of tutorials. Pagination, in simple words is to split a long area of content into multiple pages. Pagination can be done manually or automatically using various methods. One of the method gaining popularity is by using jQuery. jQuery can be used to split the pages into several smaller pages to improve loading time. Today, we will see some of the wonderful jQuery pagination plugins for our inspiration and also to use it for your project. Here are the list of 12 best jQuery pagination plugins for display:

1. jQuery Pagination from jquery.com


2. Sweet Pages: A jQuery Pagination Plugin


3. jPaginator: A jQuery plugin for Pagination


You can also find an advanced version of this plugin modification in tutsplus using CSS3 attributes and lots of makeover to make it look cool.

4. jqPagination jQuery Plugin


5. SimplePagination.js jQuery Plugin


6. jPaginate jQuery Fancy Plugin


7. Pajinate jQuery Pagination Plugin


8. SimplePager jQuery Pagination Plugin


9. Smart Paginator: A jQuery Pagination Plugin


10. Easy Paginate: A Pagination Plugin


11. Sausage Contextual Pagination Plugin


12. jPages: A jQuery Pagination Plugin



Inspiration hunt on DesignHuntR doesn’t stop just here. We are thriving hard to find new design and coding inspirations for our readers form the world of design. This article is an example how jQuery can be used effectively and we also come to know that jQuery is a powerful framework for creating great user interfaces for your websites and web applications.


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