35+ Ajax jQuery Plugins, Scripts and Tutorials Collection

35-Ajax-jQuery-Plugin-Scripts-tutorials35+ useful and amazing Ajax jQuery Plugins, scripts and tutorials list with plugin info link, demo links. This list also contains Ajax helper scripts which can be used in combination with Ajax.

Ajax is an old concept for web development, and usability of the website. Ajax if implemented on a website or web application efficiently and correctly, can do wonders by reducing the requests sent to the server tremendously. Ajax on a website are normally implemented to help reduce the huge requests to the server every time an interaction happens on the website.

Ajax has become much powerful and easy to implement in combination with jQuery frameworks. Ajax with jQuery is now a trending topic in web application development arena. In one of our previous article, we have seen how to display ajax style loading image which the page loads. jQuery with Ajax can create magical and beautiful yet useful and simple plugins, scripts and helpful codes for web developers. Today, we are going to explore some of the Ajax jQuery plugins, scripts and tutorials written from the web world.

This article is divided into three parts:

  1. Ajax jQuery Plugins List [19 ITEMS]
  2. jQuery Ajax Tutorials [15 ITEMS]
  3. jQuery Ajax Helper Scripts and Code [6 ITEMS]

Ajax jQuery Plugins: [Plugin Page and Demo links below the images]

1. Ajax Multi File Upload With Progress Bar jQuery Plugin


2. Ajax AutoComplete jQuery Plugin


3. jRating – Ajax jQuery Rating Plugin


 4. tableSorter Ajax jQuery Plugin


5. AjaxPanel


6. ajaxForm – jQuery Form Plugin


7. Infinite Scroll Ajax jQuery Plugin


8. jTable Ajax jQuery Plugin


9. Ajax Fixtures Plugin


10. Alajax HTML Form jQuery Plugin


11. TextExt jQuery Ajax Plugin


12. Phery PHP Ajax Plugin


13. JAIL [jQuery Asynchronous Image Loader]


14. jQuery bootpag Ajax Plugin – Pagination Plugin


15. DIVA Plugin – Document Image Viewer with Ajax


16. Infinite Scroll Ajax Plugin


17. AjaxQ jQuery Plugin


18. Ajax jQuery Validation Plugin


19. Valid8 Ajax jQuery Plugin


jQuery Ajax Tutorials

1. Ajax Web Chat With jQuery, PHP and MySQL [Tutorial, Demo & Download]


2. jQuery Ajax HTML5 Form Validation Tutorial [Tutorial, Demo & Download]


3. Ajax File Upload Tutorial [Tutorial, Demo & Download]


4. Cake PHP Ajax Quick Save Using jQuery [Tutorial]


5. jQuery Ajax Login Form [Tutorial]


6. Ajax Dynamic Loading Combo-box jQuery Tutorials [Tutorial & Demo] (Part 1 & Part 2)



7. Insert record into MySQL using AJAX and PHP [Tutorial, Demo & Download]


8. Ajax Shoutbox Using jQuery and PHP [Tutorial, Demo & Download]


9. Twitter Like More Button Using Ajax [Tutorial, Demo & Download]


10. jQuery Ajax Tabs Tutorial [Tutorial & Demo]


11. jQuery Ajax Strips Script Tags [Tutorial & Download]


12. Calling ASMX Web Service Via jQuery and Ajax [Tutorial & Download]


 13. Ajax in Codeigniter for PHP [Tutorial & Demo]


 14. jQuery Ajax Call Tutorial [Tutorial]


15. Create Ajax Search Using PHP, jQuery and MySQL [Tutorial, Demo & Download]


AJAX Helper Plugins and Other Helpful Scripts:

1. NProgress Ajax Progress Bar for Ajax apps


2. jQuery BlockUI Plugin for Ajax


3. jQuery Ajax Latency Simulator Plugin


3. jMsAjax Script


4. Cross Domain Ajax for IE8


5. Ajax Loading Script – Display Image until Script Finished Loading


6. TrafficCop: Limit Ajax Request Script or Plugin


Hope you enjoyed this post containing some of the most beautiful and helpful Ajax jQuery plugins, scripts and tutorials for your reference. The motto of this post was to keep some of the top Ajax plugins in one place which can help the developers to find their choice of the plugin easily. If any other important plugin you feel is missed, please let us know by comments for us to include in the post.


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