40+ jQuery CSS3 Image Gallery, Tutorials, Plugins, Websites, Examples and Downloads

40+ amazing image gallery collections with jQuery, CSS3, plugins, downloads, WordPress plugins, Websites and much more for design inspiration.


Portfolio is an important terminology in the world of modern design and display. People always look for a medium to show case their work in the form of portfolio websites, gallery websites, photo collections and other types of image galleries in their website. Today, I wanted to display some of my findings on various image galleries from all over the web to inspire you.

This inspiration contains a huge list of more than 40 jQuery CSS3 image gallery, tutorials, plugins, websites, examples and downloads. I’ve been doing research on image galleries in the past couple of weeks. I could find many interesting image galleries and plugins to improve the gallery experience for your portfolio websites.

I’ve divided this article into 4 sections each containing similar collections. Below is the sitemap. Also, you can find the links to the tutorials, plugins below the image in action.

Sitemap for this Article:

  1. Image Gallery Plugins. [15 ITEMS]
  2. Image and Photo Gallery Tutorials. [25 ITEMS]
  3. Free WordPress Gallery Plugins & Premium Gallery Plugins. [12 ITEMS]
  4. Gallery Website Examples and a Bonus. [7 ITEMS]

Image Gallery Plugins

1) jQuery Image Gallery Plugin [Plugin, Demo & Download]

2) Galleriffic [Plugin, Demo & Download]

3) Wow Slider jQuery Image Gallery [Plugin, Demo & Download]

4) Photobox CSS3 jQuery Image Gallery Plugin [Plugin, Demo & Download]

5) GalleryView [Plugin, Demo & Download]

6) Lightbox Image Gallery Plugin [Plugin, Demo & Download]

7) ThickBox [Plugin, Demo & Download]

8) Galleria [Plugin, Demo & Download]

9) Minimit Gallery Plugin [Plugin, Demo & Download]

10) Supersized Image Gallery Plugin [Plugin, Demo & Download]

11) AD Gallery jQuery Plugin [Plugin, Demo & Download]

12) Pirobox jQuery Gallery Plugin [Plugin, Demo & Download]

13) YoxView jQuery Image Plugin [Plugin, Demo & Download]

14) Micro Image Gallery Plugin [Plugin, Demo & Download]

Improved Plugin from Codrops: Improved Micro image gallery plugin.

15) jQuery Roundrr Image Gallery Plugin [Plugin & Demo]

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