21 Amazing Animal Logos without Text in them for Inspiration

13 May , 2014  Design Inspirations,Logo 

21 amazing self explanatory animal logos without text in them for inspiration. 

Logo and branding is a very important part of any business, service or website. Logos are an important part for your company. Logo of a company should convey what they do and what the company does. Logo design requires skill and expertise. Designing animal logos can be really cute.

21 Animal Logos For Inspiration

Animals getting their own logos is something wonderful and cool. Today, we have hunted down few self explanatory animal logos for inspiration. These logos are designed by pro designers and these logos do not contain any text or typographic elements in them. These logo hunt was carried to showcase some of the self explanatory animal logos. We found animals ranging from bull to monkeys.

21 Nice Self-explanatory Animal Logos:

1) Gorilla Logo

Gorilla Logo

2) Squirrel Logo

Squirrel Logo

3) Panda Logo

Panda Logo


4) Gazelle Logo

Gazelle Logo

5) Financial Bull Logo

Financial bull Logo

6) Gibbon Logo

Gibbon Logo

7) Whale Logo

Whale Logo

8) Buck Logo

Buck Logo

9) Deer Logo Design

Deer Logo Design

10) Puppy Logo

Puppy Logo

11) Bunny Logo

Bunny Logo

12) Rhino Logo

Rhino Logo

13) Ibex Logo

Ibex Logo

14) Lion Logo

New Lion Logo

15) Elephant Logo

Elephant Logo

16) Polar Bear

Polar Bear Logo

17) Bull Dog Logo

Bull Dog Logo18) Hippo Logo

Hippo Logo

19) Monkey Logo

Monkey Logo

20) Wolf Logo

Wolf Logo

21) Tigress Logo

Tigress Logo

Hope you enjoyed this list of self explanatory animal logo designs. If you have found more, please let us know by comments. We would be happy to include more for our audience.


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