20+ Beautiful Looking Logos on Websites for Design Inspiration

27 Mar , 2014  Design Inspirations,Logo 

20 plus nice and beautiful looking logos on websites for design inspiration. 

Logo is a very important element of a website, company or a brand. Not just the online targeting requires a logo, but also any business for that matter. A beautiful logo requires creativity, good designer, and investment. Logo is a part of the branding and it takes forward the marketing in a better sense.

20+ Beautiful Website Logos For Inspiration

Today, we thought of hunting down few of the beautiful looking logos on websites for our designer community. The logos, we found may not be the best out there, but they are definitely good and nice to draw some inspiration. The design community is always looking out for new design trends and new logos for design creativity. This thirst never quenches.

Here is the list of some of the beautiful logos on websites:

1. Campus Bubble

Campus Bubble Website Logo Design

Snippet: Campus Bubble builds private social networks for universities. Submit your information and start our process today.

2. Cloudbit

Cloudbit Website Logo Design

Snippet: Cloudbit innovates to develop effective digital strategies, creating unique user experiences. They promote your product or services through the Internet, bringing it closer to consumers and generating the most positive impact possible.

3. ONST Creative

ONST Creative Logo

Snippet: ONST is a creative design agency.

4. Eagle Adventures Tours

Eagle Adventure Tours Logo Design

Snippet: Whether individualist or group riders – with Eagle Adventure Tours, every trip will be whole new experience. The company live Travel & Cruise, so they are your partner when planning a trip in which the “Bike” is the focus.

5. Fixed Digital Agency

Fixed Digital Agency Logo Design

Snippet: Fixed is involved in promoting and positioning client product or service in a digital environment, including development of beautiful and powerful websites, fun mobile apps and activities, accurate media plans, viral social media activities and SEO and SEM strategies. Fixed puts a touch of personality in everything we create.

6. Red Ape

Red Ape Logo Design

 Snippet: A growing troop of banana loving illustrators, designers and creative thinkers.

7. Quartel Design

Quartel Design Website Logo

Snippet: Quartel Design is a design studio which has services on website design, graphic design, photography and CDs and DVDs.

8. Kitchen Prague

Kitchen Prague Website Logo Design

Snippet: Kitchen is a full service atelier which applies its creative mojo to every room a brand walks into. Be it the overarching Strategy, traditional advertising, package design, corporate identity, digital fireworks like websites, apps and everything in between. And since creativity can’t be held on a leash, Kitchen remains fiercely independent.

9. The World We Live In

The World We Live In Website Logo Design

 Snippet: The World We Live In is a one-man design studio, where usable and clean web experiences are crafted to work on any devices.

10. OMME Gang

OMME Gang Website Logo Design

 Snippet: OMME Gang is a brewery website.

11. Layrr

Layrr Website Logo Design

Snippet: Layrr is a creative support center for designers, graphic designers and illustrators. Here, you can submit your creative ideas, which are validated by the team at Layrr and the support for it initiated.

12. Pointless Corp

Pointless Corp Website Logo Design

Snippet: They are actually a collection of projects built by the team at Viget. They love building products for awesome clients most days, but sometimes they like building our own stuff, too.

13. Forefathers

Forefathers Website Logo Design

 Snippet: A design company specialized in branding, designing and development, print, and illustrations.

14. Bluecadet

Bluecadet Website Logo

Snippet: Bluecadet is a design studio based in Philadelphia.

15. Impala Webstudio

Impala Webstudio Website Logo Design

 Snippet: Impala Webstudio is a team of passionate, creative and dynamic designers. The team creates clear and effective websites.

16. More Logo Juice Please

Logo Juice Website Logo Design

Snippet: Dina Rodriguez, is the founder of the website Logo Juice. Dina is an artist, who runs this website and offers 100% pure blend of custom lettering and branding services—all with a splash of awesome.

17. Pollen Brands

Pollen Brands Website Logo Design

 Snippet: Pollen Brands communicates environmentally & socially responsible messages through branding & immersive web experiences. It’s a process we call BRAND POLLINATION™

18. AM Charts

AM Charts Website Logo Design

 Snippet: amCharts is an advanced charting library that will suit any data visualization need. Our charting solution include Column, Bar, Line, Area, Step, Step without risers, Smoothed line, Candlestick, OHLC, Pie/Donut, Radar/ Polar, XY/Scatter/Bubble, Bullet, Funnel/Pyramid charts as well as Gauges.

19. Colorama

Colorama Website Logo Design

Snippet: Colorama by Fiesta® allows you to experience the colorful world of Fiesta® Dinnerware right from your screen. With 15 colors and plenty of products, the combinations for your table setting are endless. So get lush with lapis or plentiful with plum. Mix and match deep scarlet with light and inviting sunflower, and go ahead and invite peacock to the party, too.

20. Hylla En Kompis

Hylla En Kompis Website Logo Design

Snippet: Hylla en kompis lets you celebrate a Facebook friend that you think needs acknowledgement.

21. Huber Buam

Huber Buam Logo Design

Snippet: Official Website of Alexander Huber and Thomas Huber, who are well known for mountain climbing. Thomas Huber, himself a noted climber known for early fast ascents of now classic climbs. Together with his brother Thomas, he became interested in extreme alpine climbing.

22. Creaktif

Creaktif Website Logo Design

Snippet: Creakfit is a team of graphic designers, UX experts, 3D/motion designers, copywriters and developers. They work on digital medias (html5, css3, JS, webgl…) and as long time geeks, always trying a lot of new stuff!


By now, you would have found that logo definitely does matter for your website and the next web project you are going to undertake. There must be considerable concentration on logo design.

If you feel that some of the logo from a nice looking website is missed here, please let us know. We are happy to add it to the list. Hope you enjoyed this piece of inspiration.

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