12 Best Parallax Plugins and Tutorials

7 Apr , 2016  Coding,jQuery 

12 Parallax Tutorials and PluginsA round-up of 12 best parallax tutorials and plugins in the world of web design. The list is inspiring and mind-blowing.

Parallax plugins is an awesome thing to showcase your products in an innovative, elegant and beautiful way. Parallax websites are on the raise for digital marketing and for better user experience. We have created a round-up some of the best parallax scrolling plugins, tutorials and demos for web-design inspirations. While some are amazing, some are responsive and perfect for your next project. All of these parallax effects are cool and we just loved them.

Here goes the list of 12 best parallax tutorials and plugins for design inspirations:

Merry Scrolling with Skrollr.js for Parallax Scrolling [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

The designer teaches us how to create a cool and funny looking Christmas card with Skrollr.js plugin. This tutorial is an inspiration drawn from James Bond 007 Cars Evolution by Evans Halshaw.

Parallax Tutorial with CSS and jQuery [Tutorial & Demo]

Parallax Tutorial with CSS and jQuery

The designer explains us how to implement parallax effects on scroll using CSS & jQuery. Here are the performance aim for the tutorial:

Performance Aims

  • Minimise DOM interactions on scroll events.
    Ideally we should only be interacting with the parallax elements at the breakpoints (start & stop positions), so we can try to make use of CSS fixed positioning to accomplish the desired parallax effect. Obviously if we’re adding a speed to the effect later on, whereby the element moves at say double the speed of scroll, we’re going to need to update the position on every scroll event.
    Another important way of reducing the DOM interactions is to store all the static values from the parallax elements straight away when the page is loaded. The parallax settings defined in the HTML of each element will not change, so we would be sacrificing performance if we were grabbing these values on every scroll event.
  • For more complex animations, use hardware accelleration where possible.
    Mobile devices are less powerful, which can cause jerkyness when dealing with animations applied dynamically through JavaScript. When we get to dealing with the speed property, we’ll look at using transform properties to enable supported mobile devices to use the more powerful GPU to perform the animations.

Create Parallax Scrolling Website using Stellar.js [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

The author here uses stellar.js, jQuery easing plugin, and Waypoint to create a cool parallax scrolling website.

Build Parallax Scrolling Website Interface with CSS & jQuery [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

The designer is teaching how to build a parallax scrolling website interface with the help of jQuery and CSS. The demo has a balloon moving in the space with clouds in the background. The articles and background layers are given a fixed positioned with CSS, and assigned a z-index so that the foreground layers appear above the background layers. The four layers are: small clouds, large clouds, balloon/landscape images, articles.

One Page Website with Vertical Parallax [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

In this tutorial the designer is going to undress the structure of this website and then we’re going to create something inspired by Nike’s website using jQuery and CSS. There are many ways that can help you achieve this effect, The author chose to explore one of these methods that utilize the popular jQuery library; beyond serving as a programming exercise, you can use this effect to create a beautiful single page portfolio, which is something quite popular these days among designers. On this tutorial you will find both the logical part and the programming section, so you can understand the mechanism of this page and then proceed making your own Nike-like navigation.

Recreating Nikebetterworld Website Parallax Effect Tutorial [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

In this tutorial, the designer is inspired by the Nike website. The tutorial is about recreating a brand new Nikebetterworld website with parallax effects. The designer has applied multiple backgrounds and a static background to create a nice parallax effect with jQuery and CSS.

jQuery Vertical Parallax Background Tutorial [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

This tutorial teaches us how to create a nice and simple vertical parallax background with jQuery.

Jazz up your Static Website with Subtle Parallax [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

Ian Yates explains us with a simple demo on how to create a subtle parallax effect on a static website. Ian has used skrollr.js jQuery plugin to create this parallax website. The demo website works great on mobile devices as well. The designer has used SASS techniques to develop this tutorial.

Make Parallax Website Responsive with enquire.js [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

The author not only shows us how to create a parallax website, but also teaches us on how to make the parallax website responsive using enquire.js. The guide will explain how you can turn parallax scrolling off for mobile and touch devices using enquire.js.

A Simple Parallax Scrolling Technique Tutorial [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

In this tutorial, the designer teaches us how to create a simple parallax scrolling technique using jQuery. The idea behind this tutorial is to control the speed of the background, as you scroll down. The background images translate slower than the content in the foreground, creating the illusion of 3D depth. This is the simplest parallax scrolling technique you have ever come across.

 Create a Parallax Scroll Website Tutorial [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

To develop a parallax scrolling website can be a bit scary especially if you do it for the first time, but as you know the practice makes perfect. The author shows this parallax tutorial as your first step to developing a great looking parallax website. Skrollr.js jQuery plugin has been used to create this parallax effect.

Cool Website with Fancy Parallax Scrolling Effects [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

Chris Spooner’s blog has created an awesome fancy parallax website that features all his websites on each page. The images used were created using Photoshop and Curtain.js plugin has taken the scrolling effects to the next big thing.

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