22 Best Design and Redesign Concepts of Websites, Apps and Brands

A design inspiration on 22 best design and redesign concepts of websites, apps and popular brands.

Redesign concepts are a popular and well recognized way of showcasing your redesigns to the design world and for marketing your new, fresh design to the brands. A well implemented redesign concept can win you a million if it is accepted by the brands. Redesign concepts and techniques are gaining popularity for the purpose of fun, but this has fetched incomes for many.

Nice Redesign Concepts

This design hunt has a high quality mix of beautiful redesign concepts of websites, apps and major brands. Hope you enjoy and love this composition. You can find the author’s words or about the project after each image. Here goes the list:

1) iOS 7 Redesign Concept

iOS 7 Redesign Concept

Little about the design concept from the designer Alexey Masalov

iOS 7 Redesign is a creative concept i recently discovered in my mind and make it happen.

So I want to present you a new possible look and feel of the upcoming Apple’s new mobile operating system – iOS 7. I completely recreated the overall look including brand new icon styles. Also some basic apps were completely redesigned from scratch to showcase this new direction in use.

While working on this concept I constantly keep two things in my mind – simplicity and consistency.

2) Facebook and WhatsApp Integrated Redesign Concept

Facebook + WhatsApp Redesign Concept


Little about this design concept from the author Monish

Facebook has bought the message app(WhatsApp) in a deal worth a total of $19 billion in cash and shares. It is the social networking giant’s biggest acquisition to date.

I’ve designed a Facebook + WhatsApp concept.

3) Cinema City Redesign Concept for Android, iOS, Windows, Tablets and Website Full version

Cinema City Redesign Concept

Little about this design concept from the authors Thoke Design and Michal Galubinski

Concept redesign for Cinema-city. This application is for three systems: Android, iOS and Windows. It also has a tablet version and Full website version.

4) Android 5.0 UI Design Concept

Android 5.0 UI Design Concept

About the project

Android 5.0 UI Design Concept:
  • Clean lockscreen with simple unlock options
  • Extended widgets with swipe functions
  • Home and Apps screen with simple weather widget & redesigned icons
  • Redesigned Settings screen and Notification bar
  • A peace of the dark theme
  • Lockscreen
  • Lockscreen – unlock
  • Music widget screen
  • Extended music widget screen
  • Messages widget screen
  • Extended messages widget screen
  • Weather widget screen
  • Extended weather widget screen
  • Apps screen
  • Settings screen
  • Notifications bar
  • Keyboard view
  • Extended messages widget screen – dark theme

5) Google Redesign with iOS Feel

Google Redesign with iOS feel

About the Project

Google redesigned by Vinfotech with an iOS feel. All line icons and iOS colors!

6) WhatsApp Black Edition – Redesign of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Black Edition Redesign

About the project

On August 6, 2013 at WhatsApp was more than 300 million active users, who exchanged via chat more than 325 million photos every day.
In December, the number of users increased to 400 million. This is a redesign concept for WhatsApp to a brand new black edition.

7) Gmail Redesign Concept

Gmail Redesign ConceptLittle about the design

The primary emphasis is made on the simplification of the mail review. Another distinctive feature is the possibility of more precise tuning of the colour scheme set of the interface. Depending on the chosen strucutre mode the peculiar colour adjustment settings will be offered to apply.

8) Twitter Redesign Concept

Twitter Redesign Concept

About the project

According to Alexa Internet, Twitter is ranked as one of the 10 most visited websites worldwide. Daily number of users varies from study to study, because Twitter is not made ??public the number of active accounts.
Compete.com identified Twitter as the third most used social network with 6 million unique visitors a month and 55 million monthly visits. Hence, the new look.

9) IMDB Redesign Concept

About the project

This is a imdb redesign concept. When we first decided to do this, we wanted to do something meaningful and not just pretty-looking. This is why we spent a certain time on reflexion.

10) McDonald’s Website Redesign Concept

McDonald's Website Redesign Concept

11) Instagram App 2.0 Design Concept

Instagram 2.0 App Design Concept

From the author Maxim Eriomov

There was the idea that such a wonderful app looks somewhat modern. So with the light hand of inspiration I decided to remake it in a new way.

12) Envato Marketplace Redesign Concept

Envato Marketplace Redesign Concept

About the project

Modern flat Design meets friendly mobile touches with new features Redesign concept of envato marketplace

  • New Header Layout with colorcode for each marketplace
  • Flexible Grid system and preview images (80x80px and 160x160px)
  • New Feature – Random Item and Author Wall
  • New Layout Concept of Frontpage
  • New Layout Concept of Itempage

13) Amazon Redesign Concept

Amazon Redesign Concept


Words from the author Brad Burke

I was tasked with taking a stab at redesigning amazon.com, this is what I came up with in a single night.

After talking to many friends and family members I found that the first thing most users do when they arrive at Amazon is search for what they are looking for. Maybe that’s because Amazon’s current site is crowded and hard to navigate, or maybe it’s because users come to the site with products already in mind. Either way, my goal was to design a much cleaner, much more organized site that allowed for easy search, product recommendations (based on previous views or purchases), and singularly focused blocks of content for users to digest. This was what I came up with.

The project never went anywhere, but I was happy with the design.

14) YouTube Redesigned

YouTube Recreated

About the project

YouTube Recreated – we all love watching videos on YouTube, but its pretty annoying with the clutter of information all over the video and on the page. Its useful but not essentially required to stay there untill asked for. That led to Youtube Recreated. It has a full page wide video playback with absolutely no disturbances. And its flat and red hot..!

15) CNN Video Section Re-Design Concept

CNN Redesign Concept

Little from the author Andrew Melnikov

In 2011, I have attempted to redesign the video section of the CNN website, the major news media outlet. Initially I was not able to implement all of my ideas, but I kept thinking about this project for the rest of the year.

16) Vimeo App Redesign Concept

Vimeo App Redesign Concept

From the words of the designer Ronan le Guennec

This is my first app redesign ! I chose to rebuild the Vimeo’s application in a flat design, inspired by iOS7 design. I tried to make an easy to use app.

17) Concept Nike Store

Concept Nike Store - Website Redesign

18) Spotify Redesign Concept

Spotify App Redesign Concept

About the project

Spotify redesign which unifies the style and adds some new, and excitement features.

19) Facebook Redesign Concept

Facebook Redesign Concept

About the project

Suggested redesign for Facebook by Vinfotech. The new design follows all flat elements and is expected to have a better UI and UX.

20) Google Rebrand

Google Re-branded


About the project from the designer

I feel the old Google logo is starting to get outdated with their current style being minimalistic and flat so i decided to make the logo more modern but at the same time keep the features that makes the logo extremely recognisable for example the colours and the fancy ‘g’
The rest of the layout has been designed to work with computers, tablets and mobile phones as all of the features are a click, tap or swipe away!

21) deviantART Redesign Concept(UI/UX redesign)

deviantArt Redesign Concept

22) Yahoo Redesign Concept

Yahoo Website Redesign Concept

About the project

Concept of popular search engine and web portal with fresh and clean presentation.


As we saw that some of the works are stunningly superb and cool. I felt these works needs a credit. Hence, this article is an appreciation and dedication to these wonderful designers. If you feel anything we missed out from this article, please let us know.


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