Create Animated Multi-Level Checkbox Drop down Using jQuery | Code Snippet #22

13 Feb , 2014     Code Snippets 

Animated Checkboxes

Code Snippet #22:  The code snippet we found today helps us to generate dynamic multi-level checkbox drop downs by checking a parent checkbox with the help of jQuery. We have previously seen many tutorials on checkboxes using JavaScript and jQuery. Today, we are going to learn how to display multi-level checkboxes sliding down in an […]

Quickly Create a Shiny Button using CSS3 | Code Snippet #21

9 Feb , 2014     Code Snippets 

CSS3 Shiny Button

Code Snippet #21:  The code today shows how to quickly create a shiny button using CSS3. Get a glossy CSS3 button with the help of :after and :before attributes.  CSS3 transitions and animations are helpful in achieving amazing animations without having to take the help of jQuery now. These CSS3 transitions can be modified and […]

Check If One String Contains Another Substring in JavaScript | Code Snippet #20

3 Feb , 2014     Code Snippets 


Code Snippet #20:  The code snippet teaches us to compare and check if one string contains another substring in JavaScript. Basically we are going to perform a string comparison using JavaScript. Today, we are going to see how two string can be compared with the help of JavaScript using indexOf() method. indexOf() method returns the position of […]

How to get the Selected Text Using jQuery? | Code Snippet #19

30 Jan , 2014     Code Snippets 

Get Selected Text Using jQuery

Code Snippet #19: jQuery code to get the selected text using jQuery. Using mouseup() and mousedown() APIs to fetch the selected text and display them on the page. Today, we are going to learn how to fetch the selected text using jQuery APIs. We will try to display the selected text in a div area […]

How to Dynamically Generate Divs Using jQuery? | Code Snippet #18

28 Jan , 2014     Code Snippets 


Code Snippet #18: jQuery code to dynamically create divs using jQuery. Today’s code snippet teaches us how to create divs dynamically using jQuery with the help of for loop. Creating contents dynamically is an interesting thing on the web and on your website. People love looking at dynamically created contents. Previously, we had seen how […]

Create Dynamic Checkbox Using Drop Down Selection With jQuery | Code Snippet #17

24 Jan , 2014     Code Snippets 


Code Snippet #16: The code we discovered today is used to create dynamic checkbox using jQuery with the help of drop down selection. Dynamically generating checkbox based on a drop down selection. In our previous code snippet, we saw how to change drop downs based on another drop down selection. Today, we are going to […]

Change Drop Down Menu Based on Another Drop Down Selection Using jQuery | Code Snippet #16

23 Jan , 2014     Code Snippets 


Code Snippet #16: The code we discovered today can change drop down menu based on another drop down selection with the help of jQuery. Changing the value of drop downs using jQuery. Drop downs are an integral part of forms. Drop downs are helpful and necessary to handle large list of data. Creating dynamic drop […]

Change Background Color of Div With jQuery toggleClass | Code Snippet #15

20 Jan , 2014     Code Snippets 


Code Snippet #15: jQuery code snippet to change background color of div with jQuery toggleclass function. A simple code to toggle background color with the help of jQuery. jQuery is a powerful framework to create anything and do anything. Today, we thought of sharing the code to change the background of a div element using […]

Simple CSS3 Checkboxes and Radio Buttons| Code Snippet #14

10 Jan , 2014     Code Snippets 


Code Snippet #14: Code to create simple CSS3 checkboxes and radio buttons for professional UI designing. UI designing is an important part of user friendly interfaces for the website users. Creating cool looking CSS3 checkboxes and radio buttons are important while developing forms on your UI. Today, we are going to create checkboxes and radio […]