Simple jQuery Message Ticker | Code Snippet #13

10 Jul , 2013     Code Snippets 


Code Snippet #13: The code snippet creates a simple message ticker using jQuery. A simple and sliding jQuery message ticker for your website. Message tickers are a very common element for a website and for web designer to show case their upcoming updates, upcoming news, upcoming events and the like. Message tickers can be used […]

How to Create Tooltip Using Twitter Bootstrap | Code Snippet #12

6 Jun , 2013     Code Snippets 


Code Snippet #12: The code snippet creates tooltip using the Twitter Bootstrap plugin. In our previous post, we saw some awesome jQuery plugins to create tooltip. But, we never touched upon the Twitter bootstrap plugin, which can be used to create Twitter style tooltips using small lines of codes. We need to just add the […]

Change Div Content With Drop Down Selection Using jQuery | Code Snippet #11

24 May , 2013     Code Snippets 


Code Snippet #11: The code snippet is for change div content with¬†drop down¬†selection using jQuery. Drop down selection box is a common feature in many web applications, websites and for forms on a page. With the help of jQuery these drop down selections can be used to show and hide div contents, these contents may […]

Add and Remove Textbox Dynamically With jQuery | Code Snippet

21 Apr , 2013     Code Snippets,jQuery 


Code Snippet #10: The code snippet can add and remove textbox dynamically with jQuery. In a registration form, it is sometimes necessary to add a text box dynamically after filling out a previous text box or input field. This code snippet can actually add a textbox and even delete the added text box using jQuery’s […]

Get Value From TextBox Using jQuery .val() | Code Snippet

23 Mar , 2013     Code Snippets 


Code Snippet #9: The code snippet we wrote today can fetch the value from a textbox using jQuery .val() API and throw it to an alert box. We have also added another code snippet to display the textbox value on the html document. Fetching a textbox value in JavaScript is quite simple. We generally can […]

Get Multiple Checkbox Values Using jQuery | Code Snippet

17 Mar , 2013     Code Snippets 


Code Snippet #8: The code snippet we found for today can get multiple values from checkbox using jQuery. Get multiple values from checkboxes using jQuery dynamcally. In one of our previous code snippet, we saw how to fetch multiple checkbox values with JavaScript. This time around, we are going to achieve the same thing using […]

Change Font Style in Text Field Using Drop Down in JavaScript | Code Snippet

13 Mar , 2013     Code Snippets 


Code Snippet #7: Today we found the below code snippet to help the JavaScript lovers to change font style in a text field using a drop down menu. Changing the font style and weight using JavaScript can be very helpful, if a user wants to know how the font would look like after posting a […]

Get Value From Radio Button In JavaScript | Code Snippet

9 Mar , 2013     Code Snippets 


Code Snippet #6: Today’s code snippet teaches us how to get value from radio button in JavaScript. Using a simple JavaScript form validation, we will be fetching the values of the selected radio button using an alert window. In one of our previous code snippet, we saw how to get values from multiple checkboxes if […]

Add HTML5 Placeholder Using jQuery for IE | Code Snippet

7 Mar , 2013     Code Snippets 


Code Snippet #5: Today’s code snippet explains how to add a much needed HTML5 placeholder using jQuery for Internet Explorer as IE browsers don’t support HTML5 properties and syntax yet. A cross browser HTML5 placeholder using jQuery. The web programming is changing at a very fast pace with new styles, syntax and technologies. There are […]