Creating Cool Stitched Effects Using Only CSS

14 Jul , 2012     HTML & CSS 

CSS is growing day by day due to the new improvements and enhanced introduced by the design and developer community to the CSS world. As we grow in the CSS arena, there has been tough competitions for CSS with Scripting languages like JavaScripts and jQuery. At least as of now, CSS3 is giving a head […]

How to Create Simple Horizontal Menu using CSS

5 Jul , 2012     HTML & CSS 

Initially, we were talking about the CSS vertical menu. As creating a vertical menu has been much easier, we will today go and design for a horizontal menu which can run across the website. The horizontal menu as I’ve said earlier is the most preferred menu for┬ánavigating┬áthe website. If you are a web designer, then […]

How To Create A Simple Vertical Menu Using HTML

1 Jul , 2012     HTML & CSS 

If someone says menu on a website, we remember the horizontal menu which runs across the site. People prefer designing the site that way. But, placing menus on your sidebars can be as effective to be clicked as well. We are going to discuss about the vertical menus, which can be even placed in the […]

Hide and Display Contents Using Only Pure CSS

20 Jun , 2012     HTML & CSS 

The simple CSS hide or display contents using hover of the mouse. Feeling excited to type down the first tutorial for DesignHuntR. CSS is becoming a powerful styling language which has the power to hide and display content without using any scripting. Today, we shall see how to hide and display content using pure CSS […]