Create A Beautiful Count Down Clock Using CountDown.js

31 Jan , 2014     jQuery 

Beautiful CountDownJS Clock

This inspiration tutorial teaches us how to create a beautiful count down clock using CountDown.js. This is to create a colorful ticker circles to indicate hours, minutes and seconds. Basically, we are going to develop a clock using jQuery. Today’s Plugin: CountDown.js Overview of the plugin CountDown.js: A simple JavaScript API for producing an accurate, intuitive […]

Quickly Create a Beautiful Drop Down Navigation With jQuery

29 Jan , 2014     jQuery 

Quick and Simple jQuery Navigation

This quick tutorial teaches us how to create a simple drop down navigation with jQuery. This menu is created quickly using little jQuery code and CSS. The menu shows us animated drop down on mouse hover. Today, we are going to learn how to quickly create a simple drop down menu with the help of […]

15 Handy jQuery File Upload Plugins Collection

27 Jan , 2014     jQuery 

15 jQuery File Upload plugins for free download and to upload your files to the server. File upload plugins with features like progress bar, AJAX uploads, HTML 5 support, multiple file uploads, asynchronous file uploads, drag and drop functionality, restrict the format of the file uploaded and much more. File uploading is an useful way of collecting files from your […]

Simple Registration Form Validation With jQuery and PHP

22 Jan , 2014     jQuery,PHP 

This tutorial teaches form validation with jQuery and PHP with the help of a jQuery form validation plugin. Pre-validation before submission of the form using jQuery. In today’s tutorial, we are going to create a simple registration form. Then apply the jQuery validation plugin to validate the form for the inputs by the user before […]

jQuery Image Upload and Preview Tutorial

16 Jan , 2014     jQuery 

This tutorial show us how to save and preview image with jQuery. The small code of jQuery to accept the image from the user and save it to a location on the HTML. jQuery can do many different things on your webpage and it can even change the way your webpage behaves. Today, I came […]

10 Best jQuery Parallax Scroll Plugins For Download

15 Jan , 2014     jQuery 

This article shows us top 10 jQuery parallax scroll plugins to help your upcoming projects and website development. Parallax is the difference in the position of elements with respect to another element. Parallax is a growing trend in the web development industry. Developers want to develop their websites with parallax effects. Again, parallax scrolling is […]

How to Create an Animated jQuery Image Tile Effect?

13 Jan , 2014     jQuery 

Tile Animation jQuery

This tutorial explains on how to create an animated jQuery image tile effect with the help of CSS3. Toggle tile animation effects for images. Animations for images can be effective for auidence to stay back on your website. When something on your website is animated, it draws the attention of the audience. Animations on images […]

35+ Ajax jQuery Plugins, Scripts and Tutorials Collection

9 Jan , 2014     jQuery 

35+ useful and amazing Ajax jQuery Plugins, scripts and tutorials list with plugin info link, demo links. This list also contains Ajax helper scripts which can be used in combination with Ajax. Ajax is an old concept for web development, and usability of the website. Ajax if implemented on a website or web application efficiently […]

How to Create Simple Lightweight jQuery Modal Popup?

22 Oct , 2013     jQuery 

Lightweight jQuery Modal Box

This tutorial explains how to create a simple and light weight modal popup box with pure jQuery. Modal windows are a very common element in web development and wed designing. We see popups using jQuery in most of the website. Popups are used to show an alert, warning or piece of important information to the […]