jQuery Android Style Navigation Slide Menu

9 Jul , 2013     jQuery 

This tutorial teaches us how to create simple Android style Navigation slide menu using jQuery. If you are a smartphone user, then it is common to see a slide to open menu in your mobile application(s). This is a trend in many Android and iOS applications. These slide to open navigation can be reconstructed similarly […]

15+ Tooltip jQuery Plugins

5 Jun , 2013     jQuery 

15+ tooltip jQuery plugins for web designers to get inspired. Tooltip plugins to help the web developers to design a better UI and elegant web elements on their websites. Tooltips are becoming an important part of web design nowadays. Tooltips are nothing but a small popups with useful information which appear on mouse hover on certain elements, […]

How to Load Page Inside jQuery Dialog Box?

24 May , 2013     jQuery 

This tutorial explains us how to load a html page inside jQuery dialog box or window using simple lines of jQuery lines and iframe tag. jQuery dialog window is a famous jQuery pop up modal box known to many of us and is commonly used in web applications and web designing. There are lots of […]

15 Slide Panel jQuery Plugins

23 Apr , 2013     Design Inspirations,jQuery 

15 Easy to use slide panel jQuery plugins for web designers and developers to design their websites more in a user friendly manner. Sliding panels are important in today’s world of company showcasing of your website contents. Slide panels helps you to toggle or hide your contents either by clicking or hover on a hook […]

Add and Remove Textbox Dynamically With jQuery | Code Snippet

21 Apr , 2013     Code Snippets,jQuery 

Code Snippet #10: The code snippet can add and remove textbox dynamically with jQuery. In a registration form, it is sometimes necessary to add a text box dynamically after filling out a previous text box or input field. This code snippet can actually add a textbox and even delete the added text box using jQuery’s […]

15+ jQuery Custom Scrollbar Plugins, Scripts and Tutorials

24 Mar , 2013     Design Inspirations,jQuery 

Today, we are here to inspire you with some useful custom jQuery scrollbar plugins and scripts. We have also added some bonus custom scrollbar tutorials using jQuery and CSS3 techniques. Custom jQuery scrollbars are really important for creating enriched and beautiful web applications and websites. jQuery scrollbar plugins and scripts can help you easily add […]

jQuery Smooth Page Scroll For Websites

19 Jan , 2013     jQuery 

This tutorial is to implement a smooth jQuery scroll for websites to scroll from top to bottom. Easy way to enable awesome jQuery smooth page scroll for your websites. In one of our previous tutorial, we had see how to add a fading “Go Top” button using jQuery. That tutorial can be combined with this […]

12 Awesome jQuery Pagination Plugins

15 Jan , 2013     Design Inspirations,jQuery 

Coding inspiration of 12 awesome jQuery Pagination plugins for free download. Pagination plugins can change the way your website contents are laid considerably. Pagination is an important part of websites having large contents, be it a blog or a website teaching huge amounts of tutorials. Pagination, in simple words is to split a long area […]

Display Animation While Page Loading Using jQuery

14 Jan , 2013     jQuery 


This tutorial teaches us how to implement loading bars and images while the page is still loading using jQuery. In simple words, display animation while loading page using jQuery. If your pages have too large data to display, it is common that the user gets frustrated during the page load. This is the time, you can think […]