Create Creative CSS3 Resume Template Inspiration | Design Hunt #1

5 Feb , 2014     Design Inspirations,HTML & CSS 

Sharing a design inspiration hunt on designing a creative CSS3 resume template without any images or PhotoShop. This CSS3 resume is designed by the designer William Roach. The designer has focused on creating speech bubbles to display the details of the candidate. He has left one bubble to display your self shot image. The color […]

Create an Elegant HTML5 Login Form With Toggle Animation

5 Feb , 2014     HTML & CSS,jQuery 

This tutorial teaches us on how to create an elegant HTML5 login form with jQuery toggle animation when the user clicks on the “Log in” button. We create a beautiful HTML5 CSS3 login form which toggles with sliding animation. HTML5 and CSS3 are two coding standards being accepted on a large scale nowadays. These two […]

Create Social Icons With Sliding Information On Hover Using CSS3

4 Feb , 2014     HTML & CSS 

Social Icons With Sliding Information Using CSS3

This tutorial is about how to create social icons with sliding information using CSS3 and no images. The sliding information shows up on mouse hover on the icons. Today, we have drawn our inspiration from Miro and we will be using the foundation CSS from Zurb. Social icons are very important when you own a […]

Check If One String Contains Another Substring in JavaScript | Code Snippet #20

3 Feb , 2014     Code Snippets 

Code Snippet #20:  The code snippet teaches us to compare and check if one string contains another substring in JavaScript. Basically we are going to perform a string comparison using JavaScript. Today, we are going to see how two string can be compared with the help of JavaScript using indexOf() method. indexOf() method returns the position of […]

Create A Beautiful Count Down Clock Using CountDown.js

31 Jan , 2014     jQuery 

Beautiful CountDownJS Clock

This inspiration tutorial teaches us how to create a beautiful count down clock using CountDown.js. This is to create a colorful ticker circles to indicate hours, minutes and seconds. Basically, we are going to develop a clock using jQuery. Today’s Plugin: CountDown.js Overview of the plugin CountDown.js: A simple JavaScript API for producing an accurate, intuitive […]

How to get the Selected Text Using jQuery? | Code Snippet #19

30 Jan , 2014     Code Snippets 

Get Selected Text Using jQuery

Code Snippet #19: jQuery code to get the selected text using jQuery. Using mouseup() and mousedown() APIs to fetch the selected text and display them on the page. Today, we are going to learn how to fetch the selected text using jQuery APIs. We will try to display the selected text in a div area […]

Quickly Create a Beautiful Drop Down Navigation With jQuery

29 Jan , 2014     jQuery 

Quick and Simple jQuery Navigation

This quick tutorial teaches us how to create a simple drop down navigation with jQuery. This menu is created quickly using little jQuery code and CSS. The menu shows us animated drop down on mouse hover. Today, we are going to learn how to quickly create a simple drop down menu with the help of […]

How to Dynamically Generate Divs Using jQuery? | Code Snippet #18

28 Jan , 2014     Code Snippets 

Code Snippet #18: jQuery code to dynamically create divs using jQuery. Today’s code snippet teaches us how to create divs dynamically using jQuery with the help of for loop. Creating contents dynamically is an interesting thing on the web and on your website. People love looking at dynamically created contents. Previously, we had seen how […]

15 Handy jQuery File Upload Plugins Collection

27 Jan , 2014     jQuery 

15 jQuery File Upload plugins for free download and to upload your files to the server. File upload plugins with features like progress bar, AJAX uploads, HTML 5 support, multiple file uploads, asynchronous file uploads, drag and drop functionality, restrict the format of the file uploaded and much more. File uploading is an useful way of collecting files from your […]