22 Innovative and Creative Chair Designs for Inspiration

22 awesome, innovative and creative chair designs you might of missed. This article has a list of some of the inspiring chair designs.

Chairs have become an important part of our lifestyle. The modern man doesn’t want to sit on the floor. Chairs have been in use before medieval era. In a modern living room, chairs are a very important entity. Not just home, they are part of business institutions, corporate set-ups and for leisure.

Innovative Chair Designs

In today’s design inspiration, we have hunted down some of the coolest looking, and innovative chair designs. We have been doing this homework of hunting down some creatively designed chairs. This compositions contains chair designs ranging from chairs made out of volcanic rocks to elephant chairs. Hope you enjoy this list. Here goes the list:

22 Innovative and creative chair designs

1) Cage Type Chair Design

Caged chair design

2) Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Chair


3) A Rare Carved Black Forest Snake Chair Design [ca. 1900]

Rare Snake Chair Design

4) Musical Chair – MUSICALE

Musical Chair design

5) Wine Chair Design

Wine Chair Design

6) Creative Mask Chair Design

Creative Mask Chair Design

7) Creative Fork Spoon Chair Design

Fork Spoon Creative Chair Design

Usually when someone is instructed to go sit on a fork, it’s a blatant insult. But not with this Pop Art fork & spoon chair. If you look closely, you will notice that the base of the chair takes the shape of a spoon, while the back support is that of a fork. It’s a truly unique concept. And it actually looks pretty comfortable.

8) Sexy Cross Legged Chair with Perfect Posture

Sexy Cross Legged Chair with Perfect Posture

With delicately crossed legs and a somewhat sexy demeanor, this Vladimir Tsesler’s cross legged chair/stool certainly has perfect posture. 

9) Armchair Miss Butterful – Chair Design 2011

Butterfly Armchair Design

10) Parrots Chair Design

SICIS Parrot Chair Design

11) Shell Creative Chair Design

Shell Creative Chair Design

12) Elephant Chair Design

Elephant Chair Design

The Elephant Chair from Maximo Riera.
“Elephant Chair is crafted “from compressed foam with an internal steel frame. The final object is enveloped in fine leather, allowing all the detail to be refined. Although not as heavy as an actual elephant, the chair weighs 160 kg or 353 lbs.”

13) Fantastic Dracula Chair Design

Fantastic Dracula Chair Design

14) Throne Chair By Peter Shire

Throne Chair Design by Peter Shire

15) Hanger Chair Design

Hanger Chair Design

16) Benjamin Nordsmark Fuco Ueda Chair Design

Fuco Ueda Chair Design

The Fuco Ueda chair is named after and inspired by the Japanese painter known for her paintings of Japanese schoolgirls in her own surreal worlds. Nordsmark replaced two legs of an original dining chair with ones that look like female legs. The front of the seat was also sanded and painted blue, mimicking the folds of a girl wearing a blue dress.

17) Bookworm Chair

Bookworm Chair Design

18) 4 Legs Sexy Chair Design

4 Legs Sexy Chair Design

 19) Cactus Chair Design

Cactus Chair Design

20) Sea Urchin Chair Design

Sea Urchin Chair Design

Studio design Dutch OOOMS made ??this hanging chair that looks like a giant sea urchin. The result is quite effective and the subject can certainly enhance a living room predominantly white.

21) Double Red Rose Chair

Double Red Roses Chair

22) Manu Nest Hanging Chair made from Volcanic Rock by Maffam Freeform

Manu Nest Hanging Chair Made from Volcanic Rocks

The Manu Nest has an uncomplicated, eye-popping design. Its form as well as its functionality makes it an appealing chair. It is an elegant and stylish hanging chair that can be hung in a place of your choice, promising comfort and relaxation. The reason that makes it a real cool chair is that it’s made up of volcanic rock. The designers of Manu Nest used Basalt fiber, a magmatic rock that replenishes very rapidly through volcanic activity and becomes an infinite source, which in turn is best used for making outdoor furniture.


From this article, we have come to know that chairs can even be sexy looking. Chairs have taken a serious leap in the creative home design industry. We loved some of the chairs here. Hope you like too. Please share your thoughts and do let us know your favorite chair from these.


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