Vide – Easiest Video Background jQuery Plugin

21 Jun , 2015     Audio & Video,Background 

Vide - Easy to Use Video Background Plugin

Vide – Easy to use video background jQuery plugin.

CoverVid – HTML5 Background Video Cover

5 Nov , 2014     Audio & Video,Background 

CoverVid - Background Video Cover

CoverVid – A jQuery HTML5 background video cover.

Wallpaper – Smooth-scaling Image Video Backgrounds

28 Sep , 2014     Audio & Video,Background,Images 

Wallpaper - Smooth-scaling Image Video Background

Wallpaper – A jQuery plugin for smooth-scaling image video backgrounds. jQuery plugin for smooth-scaling, element-filling backgrounds.

muPlayer – HTML5 Audio Player Plugin

7 Aug , 2014     Audio & Video 

muPlayer HTML Audio Player

muPlayer – a HTML5 audio player jQuery plugin.

jQuery Webcam – A jQuery Webcam Wrapper Plugin

26 Jul , 2014     Audio & Video,Webcam 

jQuery Webcam Wrapper Plugin

jQuery Webcam – A jQuery webcam wrapper plugin. A small wrapper library to be able to communicate with a Flash webcam via JavaScript.

TubePlayer – A jQuery Wrapper Plugin for YouTube Player API

6 Jul , 2014     Audio & Video 

TubePlayer - Wrapper around YouTube Player API

TubePlayer – A jQuery wrapper plugin for YouTube video player API.

jQuery Video Background – jQuery Full Screen Video Background Plugin

4 Jul , 2014     Audio & Video,Background 

jQuery Video Background Plugin

jQuery Video Background – A jQuery plugin to play full screen videos in the background of a web page.

Stephan Talking – A Speech Generator jQuery Plugin

21 Jun , 2014     Audio & Video 

Stephan Talking - A Speech Generator Plugin

Stephan Talking – a jQuery plugin to generate speech. This light-weight jQuery plugin is based on a Tiny Speech Synth JavaScript library.

FitVids JS – Responsive Fluid Width Video Embeds With jQuery

8 Apr , 2014     Audio & Video 

FitVids JS for responsive Video Embeds

FitVids JS – A lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for fluid width video embeds.