Vide – Easiest Video Background jQuery Plugin

21 Jun , 2015     Audio & Video,Background 

Vide - Easy to Use Video Background Plugin

Vide – Easy to use video background jQuery plugin.

CoverVid – HTML5 Background Video Cover

5 Nov , 2014     Audio & Video,Background 

CoverVid - Background Video Cover

CoverVid – A jQuery HTML5 background video cover.

Wallpaper – Smooth-scaling Image Video Backgrounds

28 Sep , 2014     Audio & Video,Background,Images 

Wallpaper - Smooth-scaling Image Video Background

Wallpaper – A jQuery plugin for smooth-scaling image video backgrounds. jQuery plugin for smooth-scaling, element-filling backgrounds.

Blurr – Nice jQuery Blur Backgrounds for Images

17 Sep , 2014     Animation & Effects,Background,Images 

Blurr - Nice Background Blur for Images using jQuery

Blurr – jQuery plugin to create nice blur backgrounds for images.

jQuery Video Background – jQuery Full Screen Video Background Plugin

4 Jul , 2014     Audio & Video,Background 

jQuery Video Background Plugin

jQuery Video Background – A jQuery plugin to play full screen videos in the background of a web page.

Blur JS – Create Element Transparency With jQuery

10 Apr , 2014     Animation & Effects,Background,Others 

BlurJS for Psuedo Transparent Elements Over Other Elements

Blur.js –  jQuery plugin that produces psuedo-transparent blurred elements over other elements.

Supersized – Full Screen Background Image Slideshow Plugin

25 Mar , 2014     Background,Carousels and Sliders 

Supersized Full Screen Background Slideshow plugin

Supersized – A jQuery plugin for full screen background slideshow. This jQuery plugin has features to autoplay, fit to landscape, fit portrait, random slides, pause options, slideshow speed controls, thumbnail navigations and more.

Backstretch – Dynamic resizing of Background Image based on Page

23 Mar , 2014     Background,Images 

Backstretch for dynamically resizing images based on content

Backstretch – A simple jQuery plugin for dynamically resizing the images to fit the background of any page or element. Also, allows you to add a dynamically-resized, slideshow-capable background image to any page or element.

Adaptive Backgrounds – A jQuery Plugin for Extracting Dominant Colors from Images and applying to parent Background

16 Mar , 2014     Background,Images 

Adaptive Backgrounds Plugin for Adaptive Backgrounds from Images

Adaptive Backgrounds – A jQuery plugin to extract the dominant colors from an image and apply it to its parent background. This is a great replacement of using the img tag nested with a parent element.