iOSList – jQuery iOS Alphabetical Contact List

19 Apr , 2015     Mobile 

iOSList - jQuery iOS Alphabetical Contact List

iOSList – jQuery iOS Alphabetical contact list. iOSList is a jQuery plugin that creates iOS-style sticky headers similar to those seen in the Music and Contacts apps on Apple devices.

Stickit – A Sticky Header, Sidebar, Navbar while Scrolling with jQuery

22 Oct , 2014     Mobile,Sticky 

Stickit - jQuery plugin for sticky headers, sidebars and more when scrolling

Stickit – A jQuery plugin that provides sticky header, sidebar, navbar while scrolling.

TosRUs – Touch Optimized Sliders for Desktop, Mobiles and Tablets

20 Oct , 2014     Carousels and Sliders,Mobile,Pop Ups and Modal,Responsive 

TosRUS - A Touch Optimized Slider Plugin with Lightbox Options

TosRUs – A touch optimized sliders for desktop, mobiles and tablets.

SelectBoxIt – Selectbox Plugin for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop

29 Jul , 2014     Mobile,Select Box 

SelectBoxIt is a selectbox plugin for mobile

SelectBoxIt – SelectBoxIt is a jQuery selectbox plugin for mobile, tablet and desktop.

jSlider – A Multifunctional jQuery Slider Plugin

15 Jul , 2014     Mobile,Slider Bars 

jSlider - a multi-functional jQuery Slider Plugin

jSlider – A multifunctional jQuery slider plugin. jQuery Slider is easy to use and multifunctional jQuery plugin that supports any webkit based touch mobile devices such as iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android.

Panzoom – A jQuery Plugin to Pan and Zoom Elements with CSS3

14 Jul , 2014     Animation & Effects,Draggable,Images,Mobile 

Panzoom jQuery plugin to Pan and Zoom Elements

Panzoom – A jQuery plugin to pan and zoom elements with CSS3. This plugin can pan and zoom any elements. Panzoom is a progressive plugin to create panning and zooming functionality for an element.

jQuery Pep.js – A Kinetic Drag for Mobile & Desktop

12 Jul , 2014     Draggable,Mobile 

jQuery Pep.js Kinetic Drag For Mobile and Desktop

jQuery Pep.js – A kinetic drag for mobile & desktop. jquery.pep.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin which turns any DOM element into a draggable object.

3D Flow – A Realistic Swiper 3D Slider Gallery For Mobiles

10 Jul , 2014     Carousels and Sliders,Gallery,Mobile 

3D Flow Realistic 3D Gallery Slider

3D Flow is the ultra small (1Kb minified and gzipped) and free plugin for Swiper that turns your great swiper slider (or app) into amazing realistic 3D gallery with dynamic shadows.

Touch Gallery – A Full-Screen Photo Gallery for Touch Devices

1 Jul , 2014     Gallery,Mobile 

Touch Gallery full Screen Photo Gallery for Touch Devices

Touch Gallery – A full screen photo gallery for touch devices like iPad and iPhone. Touch Gallery jQuery plugin brings you the look and feel of native photo-viewing apps to your mobile browser.