Fullsizable – Better Responsive Lightbox Slideshow

22 Jun , 2015     Carousels and Sliders,Gallery,Pop Ups and Modal 

Fullsizable - Better Lightbox slideshow for Images

Fullsizable – A full-size responsive lightbox slideshow for images.

Block Slide – CSS3 Animated Modal Image Gallery with jQuery

16 Jun , 2015     Gallery,Pop Ups and Modal 

Block Slide Animated CSS3 Modal Image Gallery Plugin

Block Slide – A CSS3 animated modal window image gallery jQuery plugin.

Magnific Popup – Responsive Lightbox & Dialog jQuery Script

7 May , 2015     Pop Ups and Modal 

Magnific Popup Responsive Lightbox

Magnific Popup – Magnific Popup is a responsive lightbox & dialog script with focus on performance and providing best experience for user with any device.

Custombox – CSS3 Transitions for Modal Windows

17 Apr , 2015     Pop Ups and Modal 

Custombox - Modal Effect with Transitions CSS3

Custombox – CSS3 transitions for modal windows with jQuery. Modal window effect with CSS3 transitions using jQuery.

popModal – Popup Modals, Tooltips, and Dialog Windows with jQuery

10 Nov , 2014     Notification,Pop Ups and Modal,Tooltips 

popModal - Plugin to show popup modals, tooltips, and dialog windows

popModal – A jQuery plugin to show popup modals, tooltips and dialog windows with jQuery using multiple components.

TosRUs – Touch Optimized Sliders for Desktop, Mobiles and Tablets

20 Oct , 2014     Carousels and Sliders,Mobile,Pop Ups and Modal,Responsive 

TosRUS - A Touch Optimized Slider Plugin with Lightbox Options

TosRUs – A touch optimized sliders for desktop, mobiles and tablets.

VenoBox – Responsive Lightbox Plugin for Images, iFrames, Maps and more

14 Oct , 2014     Pop Ups and Modal,Responsive 

VenoBox - Responsive Lightbox Plugin

VenoBox – A responsive lightbox plugin for images, iframes, maps and more.

Darkbox – Simple but Powerful Plugin for Viewing Images as Modal

29 Sep , 2014     Images,Pop Ups and Modal 

Darkbox - Simple yet Powerful Plugin for viewing Images

Darkbox – A simple but powerful plugin for viewing images as modal.

WebUI Popover – A Lightweight Popover Plugin

26 Sep , 2014     Pop Ups and Modal,Tooltips 

WebUI Popover - A lightweight popover plugin

WebUI Popover – A lightweight popover plugin with jQuery.