keynav – jQuery Keyboard Navigation Plugin

2 Jun , 2015     Navigation & Menu,Text & Links 


keynav – This plugin allows you to navigate a set of links layed out in a matrix from keyboard. A jQuery Keyboard Navigation plugin for better user experience.

ReadRemaining – Tell Your Readers How Long to Read the Page with jQuery

13 May , 2015     Scroll and Parallax,Text & Links 

ReadRemaining - Plugin to tell the time taken to read the page

ReadRemaining.js – This jQuery plugin allows you to show the user how long it will take to read the article considering the speed in which the user is scrolling.

fontIconPicker – An Elegant Icon Picker with jQuery

10 May , 2015     Rich Input,Text & Links 

fontIconPicker - Elegant Icon Picker with jQuery

fontIconPicker – Query fontIconPicker is a small (3.22KB gzipped) jQuery plugin which allows you to include an elegant icon picker with categories, search and pagination inside your administration forms.

highlightRegex – Dynamically Highlight Text with Regular Expression

4 May , 2015     Text & Links 

highlightRegex - Highlight Text with Regular Expression

highlightRegex – A jQuery plugin to dynamically highlight text on a page with regular expression.

Squiggle Contents with jQuery

22 Apr , 2015     Text & Links 

Squiggle - Scribble out content with jQuery

Squiggle – A jQuery plugin to squiggle contents or texts on a webpage. Scribble out content with jQuery.

Chaffle – Plugin to Shuffle Characters Randomly

31 Oct , 2014     Animation & Effects,Text & Links 

Chaffle - Animated Shuffling of Characters Randomly

Chaffle – A simple jQuery plugin to shuffle characters randomly.

Morphext – A Simple jQuery Text Rotator Powered by Animate.css

23 Oct , 2014     Animation & Effects,Text & Links 

Morphext - Text Rotator with jQuery and Animate.css

Morphext – A simple jQuery text rotator powered by animate.css.

Wodry – Flip/Rotate Text Animation with jQuery Plugin

24 Sep , 2014     Animation & Effects,Text & Links 

Wodry - Plugin to flip or rotate texts

Wodry – Flip/rotate text animation with jQuery plugin. Wodry.js is a simple jQuery plugin for a text flipping/rotating written in CoffeeScript.

Confirm Mailto – Confirm Before Opening mailto Links

15 Sep , 2014     Text & Links 

Confirm Mailto Plugin to Confirm Before Sending Mailto Links

Confirm Mailto – A jQuery plugin to confirm before opening mailto links. Confirm with users before opening any mailto link on the page through their default email client.