socialShare – Highly Controllable Social Sharing Buttons

13 Jun , 2015     Social Media 

socialShare More Control on Social Sharing Buttons

socialShare – A jquery plugin to provide more control on social sharing buttons. Do the styling without worrying about the javascript implementation.

Timeliner – Interactive and Historical Timeline Plugin

12 Jun , 2015     Others 

TimeLiner Interactive Historical Timeline Plugin

Timeliner – jQuery plugin to make an interactive, historical timeline.

Zoomooz – Make any Web Page Zoom with jQuery

11 Jun , 2015     Animation & Effects 

Zoomooz Make Web Page Zoom

Zoomooz – An easy-to-use jQuery plugin for making zooming web pages.

Pongstagram – Display Instagram Media on Website with jQuery

10 Jun , 2015     Feeds,Social Media - Display Instagram media on Website

Pongstagram – jQuery plugin that displays your Instagram media to your web page. Plugin to display Instagram media on your website with jQuery.

noUiSlider – Super Cool Range Slider with jQuery

9 Jun , 2015     Slider Bars 

noUiSlider - jQuery Range Slider

noUiSlider – Best range slider with super cool features with jQuery.

Block Scroll – Scroll One Block at a Time with jQuery

8 Jun , 2015     Scroll and Parallax 

Block Scroll - One Page at a Time with jQuery

Block Scroll – A jQuery plugin that breaks down information into blocks and presents them one screen at a time.

Endless Scroll – Infinite Scrolling with jQuery

7 Jun , 2015     Scroll and Parallax 

Endless Scroll Plugin

Endless Scroll – A simple plugin that offers infinite or endless scrolling feature for your website content.

subwayMap – Subway Map Visualization jQuery Plugin

6 Jun , 2015     Maps 


subwayMap – Subway Map Visualization jQuery plugin. A jQuery plugin to render data as a subway map visualization.

jQlouds – Create Clouds with jQuery Plugin

5 Jun , 2015     Animation & Effects 

jQclouds jQuery Plugin

jqGrid – An awesome yet simple plugin for jquery that let’s you create clouds on the fly.