touchSwipe – jQuery Swipe Plugin for Touch Devices

4 Mar , 2014  Mobile 

touchSwipe – A jQuery plugin to be used for hand held devices to swipe objects on the screen. The devices can be iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. This plugin can detech the swipe of the fingers on the screen via the touch input devices. Detects single and multiple finger swipes, pinches and falls back to mouse ‘drags’ on the desktop.

Plugin Info


touchSwipe jQuery Plugin for touch input devices


  • Detects swipes in 4 directions, “up”, “down”, “left” and “right”
  • Detects pinches “in” and “out”
  • Supports single finger or double finger touch events
  • Supports click events both on the touchSwipe object and its child objects
  • Definable threshold / maxTimeThreshold to determin when a gesture is actually a swipe
  • Events triggered for swipe “start”,”move”,”end” and “cancel”
  • End event can be triggered either on touch release, or as soon as threshold is met
  • Allows swiping and page scrolling
  • Disables user input elements (Button, form, text etc) from triggering swipes

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