How to Perform a Simple Live Search Using jQuery? – Code Snippet #31

25 Mar , 2016     Code Snippets,jQuery 

Live Search Using jQuery

Code Snippet #31: The code performs a live search on a set of words within an HTML element using jQuery. Shows the matching list of texts as you type the search term dynamically.

How to Trigger a File Download by Clicking a Button in jQuery? | Code snippet #30

22 Mar , 2016     Code Snippets,jQuery 


Code Snippet #29: The code shows us how to click a input button to invoke a file download in <a> tag using jQuery. 

How to Show Alert Text from Div using jQuery? | Code Snippet #29

25 Dec , 2014     Code Snippets,jQuery 

Show Alert Box From Div Using jQuery

Code Snippet #29: The code shows us how to produce alert box from a the div text. Simple jQuery method to get the text from div and show it in alert window.

Show Hide Div Based on Dropdown Selection with jQuery | Code Snippet #28

9 Aug , 2014     Code Snippets 

Show Hide Div Based on Dropdown Selection with jQuery

Code Snippet #28: The code shows us how to show hide div based on a dropdown selection with jQuery using switch statement. A better way to show and hide divs in your JSP page using jQuery’s hide() and show() APIs.

Change Dropdown Selection to Enable Disable Textarea Using jQuery – Code Snippet #26

28 Feb , 2014     Code Snippets 

Code Snippet #26: The code we see today enables and disables text area with dropdown selection using jQuery. In short we going to enable disable textarea using jQuery.  With jQuery we can achieve anything on the web scripting side. Using jQuery, controlling the textarea is something necessary when a form is in place on your website. […]

Simple Toggle Top Bar Animation Using jQuery animate() | Code Snippet #25

26 Feb , 2014     Code Snippets 

Code Snippet #25: The code shows us how to easily create a simple toggle top bar animation using jQuery toggle() and animate() functions. We create a quick top header with toggle effects using toggle() method of jQuery. As we know, jQuery toggle animations and toggle effects are seen in most of the web designs and websites […]

Simple jQuery Left Slide Out Menu – Code Snippet #24

24 Feb , 2014     Code Snippets 

Code Snippet #24: The code shows us how to create a simple jQuery left slide out menu with the help of show() and hide() functions. Show the sub-menus by clicking the master or parent menu with jQuery animations. jQuery is a powerful UI tool to create any kind of web animations. We have jQuery UI set […]

How to Enable Disable Checkbox based on Another Checkbox Using jQuery? | Code Snippet #23

14 Feb , 2014     Code Snippets 

Enable Disable Checkbox

Code Snippet #23: The code snippet we are going to see today shows how to enable disable checkbox based on another checkbox selection using jQuery. In our previous code snippet, we just saw how to create a mult-level drop down checkboxes based on a parent checkbox. Today, we are going to see how to enable […]

Create Animated Multi-Level Checkbox Drop down Using jQuery | Code Snippet #22

13 Feb , 2014     Code Snippets 

Animated Checkboxes

Code Snippet #22:  The code snippet we found today helps us to generate dynamic multi-level checkbox drop downs by checking a parent checkbox with the help of jQuery. We have previously seen many tutorials on checkboxes using JavaScript and jQuery. Today, we are going to learn how to display multi-level checkboxes sliding down in an […]