Simple jQuery Left Slide Out Menu – Code Snippet #24

24 Feb , 2014     Code Snippets 

Code Snippet #24: The code shows us how to create a simple jQuery left slide out menu with the help of show() and hide() functions. Show the sub-menus by clicking the master or parent menu with jQuery animations. jQuery is a powerful UI tool to create any kind of web animations. We have jQuery UI set […]

How to Enable Disable Checkbox based on Another Checkbox Using jQuery? | Code Snippet #23

14 Feb , 2014     Code Snippets 

Enable Disable Checkbox

Code Snippet #23: The code snippet we are going to see today shows how to enable disable checkbox based on another checkbox selection using jQuery. In our previous code snippet, we just saw how to create a mult-level drop down checkboxes based on a parent checkbox. Today, we are going to see how to enable […]

Create Animated Multi-Level Checkbox Drop down Using jQuery | Code Snippet #22

13 Feb , 2014     Code Snippets 

Animated Checkboxes

Code Snippet #22:  The code snippet we found today helps us to generate dynamic multi-level checkbox drop downs by checking a parent checkbox with the help of jQuery. We have previously seen many tutorials on checkboxes using JavaScript and jQuery. Today, we are going to learn how to display multi-level checkboxes sliding down in an […]

Create Cool Circular Music Player UI With Progress Bar Using CSS3 | Design Hunt #3

11 Feb , 2014     Design Inspirations,HTML & CSS,jQuery 

Sharing a design hunt inspiration on creating a cool circular music player UI with progress bar using CSS3. This cool music player is created by Rick using pure CSS3 and jQuery, who drew his inspiration from a Dribbble shot of this music player designed by Piotr Kwiatkowski. Piotr is a UI designer from Manchester and he designs […]

Quickly Create a Shiny Button using CSS3 | Code Snippet #21

9 Feb , 2014     Code Snippets 

CSS3 Shiny Button

Code Snippet #21:  The code today shows how to quickly create a shiny button using CSS3. Get a glossy CSS3 button with the help of :after and :before attributes.  CSS3 transitions and animations are helpful in achieving amazing animations without having to take the help of jQuery now. These CSS3 transitions can be modified and […]

Mouse Direction Aware Hover Effects For Gallery | Design Hunt #2

6 Feb , 2014     Design Inspirations,jQuery 

Sharing a design hunt inspiration on creating a cool mouse direction aware hover effects for your gallery. Originally these effects were found on Fitz Patrick, who is an Australian illustrator based in Sydney. The designer has showcased his work portfolio in a form of gallery where you can find mouse direction aware effects are handled. […]

Create Creative CSS3 Resume Template Inspiration | Design Hunt #1

5 Feb , 2014     Design Inspirations,HTML & CSS 

Sharing a design inspiration hunt on designing a creative CSS3 resume template without any images or PhotoShop. This CSS3 resume is designed by the designer William Roach. The designer has focused on creating speech bubbles to display the details of the candidate. He has left one bubble to display your self shot image. The color […]

Create an Elegant HTML5 Login Form With Toggle Animation

5 Feb , 2014     HTML & CSS,jQuery 

This tutorial teaches us on how to create an elegant HTML5 login form with jQuery toggle animation when the user clicks on the “Log in” button. We create a beautiful HTML5 CSS3 login form which toggles with sliding animation. HTML5 and CSS3 are two coding standards being accepted on a large scale nowadays. These two […]

Create Social Icons With Sliding Information On Hover Using CSS3

4 Feb , 2014     HTML & CSS 

Social Icons With Sliding Information Using CSS3

This tutorial is about how to create social icons with sliding information using CSS3 and no images. The sliding information shows up on mouse hover on the icons. Today, we have drawn our inspiration from Miro and we will be using the foundation CSS from Zurb. Social icons are very important when you own a […]