7 Must Have Tools For Web Designers

7 must have and useful tools for every web designer needs. Top design tools for web developers.

There are thousands of web designing tools available for designers. Many company makes a new one for their employees, customers and users. But, few of them succeed and rock in the design sphere. We will see the few of those design tools which if learnt can make you a rock star designer.

The design tools we discuss are some of the most widely used for web designing and development. Some tools are used as a skill in their resumes and job offerings are based on those skills as well.

Here is the list of top 7 Web Design tools:


Adobe Dreamweaver is a web development and design tool formerly developed by Macromedia. It is one of the most powerful web design tool and the most recommended for designing a website. Adobe Dreamweaver is not free and needs a purchase.Dreamweaver CS6


Adobe Photoshop is a graphic editing software which is used for designing web page UI and other elements developed by Adobe systems. The latest release is called the Adobe Photoshop CS6 where CS stands for Creative Suite. Adobe Photoshop software is not free and hence needs a purchase.

Adobe Photoshop Screenshot
Firebug is a web design tool for the Firefox browsers which aims in editing the HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts for the purpose of web development and web designing. Firebug is free and is opensource.
Firebug Software Screenshot
Panic Coda is web development software developed for Mac OS X. It is a commercial software which is powerful web design and development tool. The software has also won the 2007 Apple Design Awards.
GIMP is an open source graphic editing software similar to Photoshop. This is the only software which is as good and powerful as Photoshop. If you are not able to afford an Adobe Photoshop software, we recommend you to go with Gimp software which is compatible with Unix, Windows and MAC OS X.
Adobe Fireworks is also a commercial software which is again from Adobe Systems, which was originally developed by Macromedia. Fireworks is a vector and graphic editor for web designers and developers. It focuses the web design community by providing a fast UI developments and website prototypes.
Adobe Fireworks
Notepad++ is an open source software used for text editing and source code editing. This software is available only for Windows as of now. Useful for designing by HTML, CSS and JavaScript in your Windows system easily.
Notepad++ screenshot
 Though there are many other image editing, web designing and graphic designing software. These are the ones which comes to our mind when we refer to web development arena. If you know better software not listed here, please let us know by commenting.
Stay tuned for more cool stuffs.


Vinod Suthersan is a enthusiastic web designer still learning new things on web designing. He loves designing, hunting new designs, blogging, and crazy about Internet. Know more

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