Top 10 Free Online Icon Generators

13 Apr , 2016     Icons,Web Tools 

IconsFlow - Create Professional Icons for Web

Free online icon creators that lets you create icons without the need to install any softwares on your desktops. These are awesome online icon generators with many options.

12 Best Parallax Plugins and Tutorials

7 Apr , 2016     Coding,jQuery 

12 Best Parallax Tutorials and Plugins

A round-up of 12 best parallax tutorials and plugins in the world of web design. The list is inspiring and mind-blowing.

How to Perform a Simple Live Search Using jQuery? – Code Snippet #31

25 Mar , 2016     Code Snippets,jQuery 

Live Search Using jQuery

Code Snippet #31: The code performs a live search on a set of words within an HTML element using jQuery. Shows the matching list of texts as you type the search term dynamically.

How to Trigger a File Download by Clicking a Button in jQuery? | Code snippet #30

22 Mar , 2016     Code Snippets,jQuery 


Code Snippet #29: The code shows us how to click a input button to invoke a file download in <a> tag using jQuery. 

How to Show Alert Text from Div using jQuery? | Code Snippet #29

25 Dec , 2014     Code Snippets,jQuery 

Show Alert Box From Div Using jQuery

Code Snippet #29: The code shows us how to produce alert box from a the div text. Simple jQuery method to get the text from div and show it in alert window.

14 Best Free Frontend Posting WordPress Plugins

23 Dec , 2014     WordPress 

14 of the best WordPress plugins for frontend publishing and guest blogging from frontend. List of best frontend posting WordPress plugins.

40 Cute Lip Arts of Cartoon Characters by Laura Jenkinson

21 Dec , 2014     Body Paintings,Design Inspirations,Drawings & Sketches 

40 stunningly beautiful and cute lip arts of cartoon characters by the London based makeup artist Laura Jenkinson.

30 Stunning 3D Drawings on Paper

10 Aug , 2014     Design Inspirations,Drawings & Sketches 

30 stunning and wonderful 3D drawings on paper by some of the greatest 3D artists. These 3D drawings are created with just pencils and crayons.

Show Hide Div Based on Dropdown Selection with jQuery | Code Snippet #28

9 Aug , 2014     Code Snippets 

Show Hide Div Based on Dropdown Selection with jQuery

Code Snippet #28: The code shows us how to show hide div based on a dropdown selection with jQuery using switch statement. A better way to show and hide divs in your JSP page using jQuery’s hide() and show() APIs.