15 Slide Panel jQuery Plugins

15-Slide-Panel-jQuery-Plugins15 Easy to use slide panel jQuery plugins for web designers and developers to design their websites more in a user friendly manner.

Sliding panels are important in today’s world of company showcasing of your website contents. Slide panels helps you to toggle or hide your contents either by clicking or hover on a hook button.

Toggling the content using a ready to use plugin can be something very useful to many of us to make the slide panel more robust. Not just that, some of the plugins I found can slide your panel from top, bottom, left or top with just some lines of script. I’ve composed 15 cute slide panel plugins out of which 11 are free and others are premium(they are worth to try).

Free slide panel jQuery plugins

1) MB.jQuery Extruder Plugin – Slide down, up, left and right content

This is the best sliding content panel jQuery plugin I found and it is free. This plugin can be slide from top, down, left or right. The panels are cute and well styled with menus in them. Looks more like an app slide panel.

MB Extruder Slide Panel jQuery Plugin

2) PageSlide jQuery Plugin – Slide the content on your sidebar

The PageSlide jQuery plugin can actually slide the contents on your sidebar. You don’t want your sidebar taking away the space, then this is the right plugin. This plugin can push or release the data area.

PageSlide jQuery Plugin

3) TabSlideOut jQuery Plugin

TabSlideOut jQuery plugin can help you add a sticker type contact, social or login panels on to your left or right, which slides out on a click and closes back with one more click.

TabSlideOut jQuery Plugin

4) jPanelMenu – A Panel jQuery Plugin

jPanelMenu is a sidebar panel menu which is really well crafted with scrollbar in them. This panel is more like a mobile version of a panel menu. You should definitely try this one out.


5) Collapsible jQuery Panel Plugin

This is a easy and reusable collapsible panel plugin, which collapses on a click to reveal the contents hidden. This plugin basically hides the div element.


6) jQuery SideBar Plugin

jQuery SideBar plugin is a display sidebar menu, which comes out on a click on the arrow as seen in the below pic. The menu in the panel pops up really cute.


7) jQuery Side Content jQuery Plugin

jQuery Side Content jQuery plugin can dock your contents to the side or the browser window. There are pull out handles to close or open the panels.


8) jqEasy – jQuery Slide Panel Plugin

This jQuery slide panel plugin lets you easily slide panels from left or right which contains the hidden content or AJAX contents. So, if you are in need of a panel which can load the AJAX way, this is one of them.


9) Sliding Panel jQuery Plugin

This is a simple Sliding panel similar to the previous plugin, but this pops out on hover of the mouse. There is a hide option in the panel to close the pane.


10) jQuery Collapsible Panel Plugin

This is a nice and smooth functioning collapsible panel plugin which functions extremely smooth by collapsing the content upon clicking.


11) persistentPanel jQuery Plugin

persistentPanel jQuery plugin is something simple yet interesting. This panel is little intelligent, they can remember whether they were open or closed.


Premium Slide Panel Plugins

The premium panel plugins have much more than what the free ones can do, so request you guys to go to the plugin documentation or info page to learn some cool stuffs about the below mentioned plugins before you make a purchase. My personal favorite from the below plugins is Sticklr.

1) MetroPanel jQuery Slide Panel Plugin


2) Sticklr jQuery Side Panel Plugin


3) OpenPanel Responsive jQuery Slide Panel Plugin


4) Toggle Panel jQuery Plugin


Hope you enjoyed this new inspiration on jQuery plugins. Hope to add more in the future. jQuery rocks!!


Vinod Suthersan is a enthusiastic web designer still learning new things on web designing. He loves designing, hunting new designs, blogging, and crazy about Internet. Know more

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  1. You might also like this plugin: http://codebomber.com/jquery/slidepanel
    (shamless plugin 🙂 )

  2. Jeff says:

    Awesome collection. If you are using wordpress, you can use this one : GilidPanel – WordPress SlidePanel Sidebar Widget


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    its clearly great (Y)

  6. Kyle Gunn says:

    I’ve tried a lot of slider plugins, but no one could fulfil my needs. That was when I finally found jquery-panelslider. It support multiple panels on the same page, slides both panel and page (like OSX Mavericks notification bar and medium) and, most importantly, works smoothly with angularJS.

    Demo: http://eduardomb.github.io/jquery-panelslider/

  7. Darren Ingram says:

    Thanks for the link to my jQuery Simple Collapsible Plugin page. I just created it several years ago while I was learning jQuery and have been surprised by all the positive feedback.

    I’ve recently moved the page to http://www.darreningram.net/jquery-collapsible-panel-plugin-2/ – hopefully anyone going to the old page will get redirected, but I just wanted to post the new address in case it can help anyone else in the future.

    Thanks again!

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