60+ jQuery CSS3 Drop Down Menus, Tutorials, PSDs, Websites and Downloads

60+ amazing list of pure CSS and CSS3 drop down menus, jQuery drop down menus, tutorials, PSDs, websites and downloads for inspiration.

A clear navigation for a website is an important factor for user friendly experience. Any website for that matter needs to a clear navigation system. Drop down navigation and menus are increasingly used on websites to serve this purpose. Drop down menus are used mainly to showcase sub-categories on a main category or to show multiple topics related to a main topic. Drop down menus and mega drop down navigation systems are used to showcase huge list of items to the users with a button click or mouse hover.

60+ CSS3 jQuery Dropdown Menus, Tutorials, Downloads, PSDs and Websites

Today, we have composed a huge list of more than 60 drop down menus to inspire you. We have handpicked the best possible drop down menus in this article. In one of our previous piece of inspiration, we have already composed a list of 40+ CSS3 jQuery menus, tutorials, plugins and downloads.

Sitemap of the article

  1. Pure CSS or CSS3 Drop down Menus. [30 ITEMS]
  2. jQuery enabled Drop-down Menus. [10 ITEMS]
  3. Drop down menu PSD Freebies. [15 ITEMS]
  4. Major brands with drop down menu on their websites. [8 ITEMS]

Here goes the list of more than 60 drop down menus for inspiration.

Pure CSS Drop Down Navigation with CSS3 and CSS2 (Tutorials)

1) Animated 3D Drop Down Menu [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

2) Whirling CSS3 Drop Down Menu [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

3) Pure CSS3 Dropdown Menu [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

4) Create a CSS3 Dropdown Menu From an Inspiration UI [Tutorial & Demo]

5) Pure CSS Menu Tutorial [Tutorial & Download]

6) Pure CSS Dropdown Menu [Tutorial & Demo]

7) Pure CSS Animated Dropdown Menu [Tutorial & Demo]

8) Another Simple CSS Dropdown Menu [Tutorial & Demo]

9) Sleek CSS Dropdown Navigation Menu [Tutorial & Demo]

10) A CSS3 Dropdown Menu – A Video Tutorial [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

11) Kick-butt CSS3 Mega Drop Down Menu [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

12) Colorful Animated CSS3 Drop Down Navigation [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

13) CSS3 Dropdown Menu and CSS3 Dropdown Animated Menu [Tutorial & Demo]

CSS3 Dropdown Menu


CSS3 Animated Dropdown

14) CSS3 DropDown Menu With CSS3 Transitions [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

15) CSS3 Dropdown Menu [Tutorial & Demo]

16) Clean and Modern CSS Drop Down Menu [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

17) Build Drop Down Menu Enhanced with CSS3 [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

18) Pure CSS3 Smooth Drop Down Menu [Tutorial & Demo]

19) Cool CSS3 Drop Down Menu [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

20) CSS3 Mega Menu Tutorial [Tutorial & Demo]

21) Create Drop-down Menu with HTML5 and CSS3 [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

22) Simple CSS Dropdown [Tutorial and Demo]

23) Stunning Menu in CSS3 [Tutorial, Demo & Download]

24) HTML5 and CSS3 Navigation Menu [Tutorial and Demo]

HTML5 and CSS3 Navigation Menu

25) Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Dropdown Menu [Tutorial & Demo]

Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Flexbox Dropdown Menu

26) CSS Infinite Sub-Menu Dropdowns [Tutorial & Demo]

CSS Infinite Sub-Menu Dropdowns

27) Menu with CSS3 Transition and Max-height [Tutorial & Demo]

28) CSS3 Dropdown Menu Tutorial [Tutorial & Demo]

CSS3 Dropdown Menu Tutorial

29) Pure CSS3 Multi-level Drop Down Navigation Menu [Tutorial, Demo & Download]


Horizontally Centered Dropdown Menu [JavaScript only for IE 6] [Tutorial & Demo]

Horizontally Centered Drop down Menu

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